Stamps President’s Scholars Program Expands to Welcome 10 Additional Exceptional Students

The Stamps President’s Scholars Program will add 10 spots to the prestigious program beginning in the 2024-25 academic year, thanks to generous philanthropy from E. Roe Stamps IV.

A group of students and staff stand on a mountain top all wearing turquoise 'Tech Trek' shirts. They are holding a flag that reads 'Georgia Tech Stamps President's Scholars'
Stamps President’s Scholars and staff on the annual outdoor leadership ‘Tech Trek,’ which has visited locations such as Banff National Park, Belize, Alaska, and beyond.

In a testament to its commitment to fostering academic excellence and cultivating future leaders at Georgia Tech, the Stamps President’s Scholars Program will expand in the upcoming academic year. Thanks to the generous philanthropy of E. Roe Stamps IV, the program will support 10 additional students, increasing future cohorts from 40 to 50 outstanding scholars.

“These 10 additional spots will undoubtedly attract even more high-achieving students to the Institute,” said Chaffee Viets, director of the Office of Special Scholarships. “Dr. Stamps’ philanthropy ensures that the program’s impact will endure, continuing to support scholars working on medical research, humanitarian support, ethical AI development, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.”

The Stamps President’s Scholars Program provides a full ride to cover tuition, fees, housing, a meal plan, books, academic supplies, and a stipend for first-year students to purchase a laptop. In addition to covering immediate education expenses, the program also provides enrichment funds, faculty guide mentorship, annual cohort retreats, access to the nationwide Stamps Scholars Program network, and more resources for personal and professional development.

The Office of Special Scholarships selects Stamps President’s Scholars before they begin their first year at Georgia Tech. Scholars are identified from their undergraduate application for first-year admission and follow-up interviews.

Stamps President’s Scholar and fourth-year biomedical engineering student Haaris Jilani describes the program as instrumental in navigating his undergraduate journey and becoming a well-rounded individual.

“It allows me to get out of my sphere and be with more than just my immediate peers in biomedical engineering,” said Jilani. “I get to speak with people at the top of their fields from diverse backgrounds and get new perspectives on my work. It’s a testament to the mentoring provided by the program.”

Jilani first became passionate about conducting research when he was 15 years old. Though he’s covered a variety of different subjects, he started to focus on stem cell research upon his arrival at Georgia Tech. In addition to using the network provided by the Stamps Scholars Program to broaden his horizons, Jilani uses the program’s enrichment funding to attend conferences and connect with professionals in his field.

Outside of research and the classroom, Jilani enjoys his involvement in the Muslim Student Association, where he connects with other members of his religion on campus and engages with advocacy efforts. He has also started an educational outreach program, teaching science-related topics in Atlanta-area schools, an endeavor that affords him the opportunity to learn and to give back to the local community.

After he crosses the stage and receives his diploma in May, he’ll leave for a year to attend Imperial College London to continue his education and research as a Marshall Scholar. As he wraps up his time in the Stamps Program, he advises future Stamps President’s Scholars to use the opportunity to benefit their community.

“To be where I am today is an immense blessing. The majority of the world doesn’t have that privilege,” said Jilani. “To have this blessing — there’s a lot that you can do with it. Every day you get out of bed is an opportunity to do good and help someone. You can build towards something so that at the end of your life, you have a legacy that benefits those that come after you.”

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