We know that paying for college is a difficult task. At Georgia Tech, students can use a mix of scholarships, loans, grants, and paid work opportunities such as internships or co-ops to fund their education. 

Investing in a Tech education yields strong returns in your future. PayScale.com ranks Tech as #1 in Georgia and #11 among all U.S. colleges for providing the best 20-Year Return on Investment. The July 2022 U.S. Census Bureau Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes project found that Georgia Tech graduates had the highest earnings of all public institutions in the state at one, five, and 10 years after graduation. Georgia Tech was also  named #1 best value public institution by the Princeton Review.

By the Numbers

Invest in Your Future

Tech offers many unique pathways for students to pay for their education while they’re enrolled as a student. Paying for college is no easy task, but scholarships, co-ops, internships, research, and more can all help ease the financial burden associated with your education.

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“Not only have I gained new technical and personal skills, but my co-op has been useful in helping me pay for expenses related to Georgia Tech. It’s been an incredible experience so far, and I’ve been able to explore what interests me.”

Anna Andani, Fourth-Year, Business Administration Student and Co-op Participant at Delta Airlines

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“I’ve been very fortunate, and my scholarships were more than sufficient. I even had to return extra funds at one point. It’s important to remember that there are options beyond the Financial Aid Office.”

Aboubacar Barrie, Fourth-Year, Business Administration

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Have You Done Your FAFSA?

Regardless of where you go, you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for institutional aid. Filling it out as soon as possible helps financial aid prepare for the financial needs of their student body.

“There’s a ton of organizations on campus, and I always try to share my email with them so I can receive updates on any scholarship opportunities they may have. Even if it’s a scholarship you feel like you don’t have much of a shot at, applying is still always a good idea.”

Natalia Vidal, Second-Year, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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“Even loans are an OK option, especially if you find other things to cover the majority of your costs and keep your HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship to cover your tuition. Evaluate what’s right for you. When you look at the starting salary of most Tech students after they graduate, usually any debt is something they can pay off very quickly.”

Oscar Guerrero, Second-Year, Business Administration

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“I usually split my checks — half goes to savings, half I can use now. It’s not cheap, so my father and I have been preparing for a long time to have money ready for it.”

Kevin Rangel, Second-Year, Aerospace Engineering

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“Companies want Tech students, even if they’re in their first or second year. You can get a job relevant to your interests quickly and get paid for it.”

Asia Demmer, Second-Year, Computer Science

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